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Vintage Art Melbourne

Have you been searching for a spectacular range of vintage art? Each piece in our collection tells a unique story.

Whether you want to change up your home or search for that perfect, conversation-starting artwork, our range of vintage art in Melbourne will enchant you. You never know what you will find! Contact us for more information, or set up your own stall today.

Pickers Retro Haven

Vintage Wallpaper in Melbourne

From Victorian landscapes to mid-century modern abstracts, each artwork is selected for its quality and historical significance. If you’re passionate about artwork in all its forms, browse our eclectic collection and discover pieces that resonate with you!

Melbourne art lovers will appreciate the depth and variety of our vintage art collection. Each piece offers a glimpse into the creative minds of artists from different eras.

Vintage Glassware in Melbourne

Our store in Melbourne is not limited to art. It is a treasure trove of vintage collectibles, including sought-after items like vintage glassware and intricately designed vintage wallpaper.

Imagine serving your guests in beautiful, hand-crafted glassware that tells a story of elegance! Our collection of vintage glassware in Melbourne includes everything from ornate decanters to delicate champagne flutes, perfect for adding a touch of class to any occasion.


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Vintage Art in Melbourne: Transform Your Space

Are you expanding your art collection? Pickers Retro Haven offers rare and distinctive pieces you won’t find anywhere else. From oil paintings to vintage prints, our offerings are perfect for creating a standout gallery wall or as standalone pieces that draw attention and appreciation.

We also have vintage wallpaper for any eager interior designer! Whether you want to create a retro-inspired room or add a quirky touch to a modern setting, our vintage wallpaper offers endless creative possibilities.

Likewise, if you’re interested in taxidermy insects, we have something for everyone.

Explore Vintage Art in Melbourne Today

Experience the charm of vintage art at Pickers Retro Haven in Melbourne. Visit our store to explore our full range of artworks and collectibles.

With our diverse market stalls, you never know what you might find!

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