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Vintage Market Melbourne

Discover a treasure trove of classic and distinct artefacts at Pickers Retro Haven in Beaconsfield. Our dedicated vintage market in Melbourne is a haven for antique enthusiasts and vintage lovers who want to enrich their collections with unique items.

From vintage clothing and old furniture to nostalgic toys and rare collectibles, you never know what you might find!

Pickers Retro Haven

Thrift Shops in Melbourne: Rare Finds

Experience rarity and affordability at Pickers Retro Haven. Offering everything from retro fashion to timeless accessories, our expansive assortment includes vintage clothing stalls and rare vintage vinyl records. Dive into our eclectic mix of old furniture in Melbourne, where each piece tells its own story of days past.

Our indoor market is brimming with old tools and antique equipment, perfect for collectors or anyone looking to add a rustic touch to your workspace.

And if you’re looking for vintage books or mesmerising vintage art, we’ve created a haven for artistic souls and literature enthusiasts.

Why Choose Pickers Retro Haven for Your Vintage Market in Melbourne?

Pickers Retro Haven is a community hub for history lovers and collectors. Here’s why you should visit:

  • Diverse Inventory: From vintage electronics in Melbourne to antique toys and a broad range of vintage vinyl records, our stalls are laden with charming items awaiting discovery.
  • Supporting Local: We prioritise supporting local Victorian businesses, enriching our community’s economy and encouraging small-scale entrepreneurship.
  • Sustainable Shopping: Our recycled and repurposed goods give items a second life and promote a greener, more sustainable way of life.

Every visit to Pickers Retro Haven brings new surprises and delightful finds.


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Thrift Shops in Melbourne – Explore Collectible Diversity

Searching for diverse collectibles such as vintage jewellery, old coins, or even taxidermy insects for sale in Melbourne? With rare antiques and collectible trinkets, you could own a piece of history.

Each stall at our vintage market offers unique items, such as vintage vinyl records or collectible stamps, for any passionate collector. We also cater to specialised interests, featuring everything from vintage comic books to war memorabilia.

Thrift Shops in Melbourne – Enhance Your Home with Vintage Furnishings

Transform your living spaces with our remarkable range of vintage and retro furniture in Melbourne. Whether you’re seeking a vintage bedside table or mid-century modern furniture, each piece carries history and craftsmanship that modern furniture often lacks.

On the other hand, our outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate our variety of vintage outdoor furniture, perfect for creating a unique and inviting garden or patio space. Decorate your home with pieces from our thrift shops today.

Opening Hours

Open 7 days 10:00 am to 05:00 pm

Winter opening hours:
Mid-May to end of August
Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 04:00 pm

Vintage Market in Melbourne – Visit Pickers Retro Haven

Ready to explore the best that Melbourne’s vintage market has to offer? Bring your friends and family and come down to our location in Beaconsfield and explore firsthand.

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