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Old Furniture Melbourne

Are you looking for vintage furniture in Melbourne? If you love timeless beauty and historic craftsmanship, our old furniture collection embodies the sleek, functional aesthetics of the 20th century. Our range suits diverse design tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re redecorating your home or searching for that perfect statement piece, our old furniture collection provides a rich tapestry of choices that blend perfectly with any interior décor. Visit us

Pickers Retro Haven

Antique Furniture in Melbourne – Enhance Your Spaces

Explore a variety of furniture pieces from the Victorian to Edwardian eras and bring a regal touch to your interiors. ,

Preserve gorgeous pieces from the past. Choose antique furniture in your Melbourne home or office.

Antique Furniture Shop in Melbourne

Love old furniture? With clean lines and timeless design, mid-century modern furniture is ideal for those who appreciate the minimalistic yet bold aesthetics from the 1950s and 60s.

Including everything from sleek, minimalist tables to ornate, sculptural pieces that serve as focal points, you can add style to your contemporary home interior.


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Mid-Century Modern Furniture in Melbourne

If you’re looking for vintage outdoor furniture in Melbourne, you can choose from bold patterns, colourful palettes, and innovative forms. These pieces will add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your living spaces.

From funky chairs and sofas to lamps illuminating with a retro glow, every piece tells a story, and our carefully sourced items are restored to their original charm. Whether setting up a thematic corner or furnishing an entire room, our retro furniture in Melbourne adds personality and vibrance to any space.

Retro Furniture in Melbourne

Need a vintage bedside table for your home in Melbourne?

Investing in old furniture from our Melbourne store means contributing to sustainability and helping keep history alive. You never know what you might find.

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Timeless Old Furniture in Melbourne – Visit Our Store

Are you intrigued by our diverse collection of old, antique, and retro furniture in Melbourne? Visit Pickers Retro Haven in Beaconsfield.

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